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New work created for the Colours, Community and Chemistry exhibition at the People's History Museum in Manchester. The work was created as a response to a collection of coloured samples of artificial silk produced by Courtaulds at their factory in the North-west of England, and as an extension of my MA Major Project. Each of the over 2000 sample had a name, creating a unusual and varied body of language with poetic, historical and personal influences. Working with the collection of names I analysed the words for colour names that were descriptive. Filtering the collection further I matched the names to photographs of objects I had taken for my MA book Say What You See, which uses photography to examine the relationship between descriptive colour terms and the objects the come from. I produced two posters, designed to be displayed together which showed the object and a photograph of the sample with the same name. In addition to this, in order to enable viewers to appreciate the full extent of the sample collection I created a poster documenting all of the names in the collection. The colour of each word was digitally sampled from the colour swatch of the same name, giving an approximation of the colour. Finally rather than displaying the names alphabetically, the words were arranged by hue, creating a rainbow of colourful language.